Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Moving to Texas

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Las Vegas is the land of gambling, partying and having fun. This is true for almost everyone of Las Vegas’s tourists, but for me, it’s a different story. I have lived in Las Vegas for a greater portion of my life and during my time here I have seen many casinos, people, super stars and headliners come and go. The magic of this town seems to have no more effect on me. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to loath the town for a few reasons. One, it has become less of a family oriented city and now only caters to adults, and in most cases the young and stupid ones, for the most part. Two, people seem to care less and less about others around them and also lack the want to take care of the city and the people in them when it comes to politics. Three, I am a person who prefers to be friendly over violent, but in this city these days, you never know who is going to turn around and shoot you in the back just for saying, “hi” in what they perceive to be the wrong tone. These reasons, among others that will be discussed, are why I have decided to move to Texas. It would seem the odds are against me in this town most of the time and because of this moving to Texas would seem to be a much more logical way to live my life, plus it would make me much more happy.

Because I am getting married soon and will be thinking about children in the near future, I think it would be a benefit, not only to myself, but to my children to be in a more family and child friendly environment like Texas. Here in Las Vegas there are so few things for families to do on a budget: the Adventure Dome is heavily priced and usually wreaks of foul stenches; the indoor race tracks, ice rinks, miniature golf places, and so on are also usually heavy priced as well as constantly packed since there is nothing else for a family to really do in this town. In Texas, however, you have Six Flags not far from where I will be living as well as museums, the opera, the Cowboy Stadium for us football lovers and so much more! All of these things are lacking in Las Vegas which makes it dull and almost resentful towards families with younger children who don’t have a lot of money to do things.

Another major benefit of moving to Texas from Las Vegas lies in the fact that most of my immediate family is in Texas. The only people I have out here in Las Vegas family wise is an “uncle” who is not related by blood, my fiance, and my parents. My brother and sister both live in Texas right across the street from each other. This is wonderful because both myself and my parents have bought a house right down the street from them so we will be able to see them and each other as much as we want rather then the two to three times a year which usually excludes holidays because one or more of us are working. You see, I have been an “only child” since I was eight-years-old, or at least it felt like it. Both of my siblings were in different states going to college or getting specialized training for their future career. I knew I had a brother and sister who took very good care of me by sending me lots of presents sometimes for no reason but definitely for the holidays. They always spoiled me when we were together too, but I always think about the song Luther Vandross wrote called “I’d Rather.” While he speaks of his love in the song, I always felt the song was for me in my “only child” situation because of these lyrics: “I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else – I’d rather be beside you in a storm, than safe and warm by myself – I’d rather have hard times together, than to have it easy apart.” He speaks my feelings so well in these lyrics. I’d have given anything to just be near my siblings and get to know them more. It has been a lonely journey to be so far from my siblings and it’s time I got rid of an unneeded cost in my life and turned it into a benefit. Being closer to my family will become a major benefit for me. No more Christmas’s alone, no more sad holidays by myself, and most of all, I’ll be able to watch my nieces and nephews grow up and get involved with their extra curricular activities like sports. Not only this, but when I have children, I’ll have a support system which I could not find out here in Las Vegas.

Besides the less family oriented Las Vegas and wanting to be near my family, there is yet another reason I have stumbled across within the last year. This benefit truly started the chain reaction leading to the move to Texas. A small bit of history is needed to explain this next benefit. Many years ago, my father’s mother went to TWU – Texas Woman’s University – in Denton, Texas. Denton is about a twenty minute drive from The Colony which is where I will be living. Because I have the Alumni power on my side, I was very welcomed when I visited the TWU campus to find out about their programs. Come to find out, TWU has a Master’s program which is one year long and in that year I would get my Masters Degree in Art Education as well as a teaching certification on top of that. With a Masters Degree in Texas, I can start off making $48,000 per year. Here in Nevada, UNLV has the same program but it is two years, less cost effective and many of the teachers I know who have the same degree as I wish to get only make $22,000-$25,000 a year with benefits far less then that of what Texas has too offer their future and current teachers. With $48,000 or more I could support my family well enough by myself if my fiance and I came to an agreement on the idea. All in all, going to TWU gives me a much greater advantage and would benefit me far better than anything UNLV could provide.

So far I have given only benefits about moving to Texas from this big city life in Las Vegas. From speaking about future children, being near my family, having so many more options as far as family fun and entertainment, and being able to have a greater income and advantage in the work force – we have covered the major benefits of moving from Las Vegas to Texas. Now let us take a look at the costs that could occur should I move from Las Vegas.

The first and foremost major cost to me should I move to Texas is my potential future marriage. My husband-to-be is not one hundred percent on board with the idea of picking up everything and leaving Las Vegas as of now. He may be staying behind until he can find a job in Texas, which might not happen and should it cause us to part ways, it would crush me and break my heart. It would set our plans of spending the rest of our lives together into a catastrophic collision course with the end of the run way for our relationship. He loves his job, all of his friends are here, he is only a six hour drive from his family in Arizona and most importantly to him – he is a licensed broker in the state of Nevada as of two weeks ago, which gives him a great way to make more money on the side of his current job and even would allow him to quit his current job and go full time into something he loves. Having to pick up and move because of what might be perceived as selfish motives of mine, could be a major cost to him since all he has here are seemingly beneficial things. We have tried to show him that, in the long run, there would be more benefits then costs to him if he did move with us. Some benefits have already been discussed but others are the fact that my brother can get cheap airline tickets so he can see his family as well as they and his friends can come visit us in our new house where we will have plenty of room for them, and he can get licensed in Texas as well and already has a foot in the door thanks to our real estate agent. This could also allow him to be a broker in both Texas and Nevada which would increase his potential income because he would work in both states. Not to mention, the housing market in Texas is far better then the housing market in Las Vegas. But again, he does not see things through my eyes and I would not expect him to undertake a great move like this without heavy thought and also weighing his costs and benefits which he too is doing now. Again, this would be a catastrophic cost to me because of my great love for him and the plans we have concocted already for a future together. I can only hope that this cost also turns into the great benefit of him coming with us. We shall see how this part plays out. And speaking of seeing, that brings me to another cost of moving to Texas from Las Vegas.

Two of my greatest and best friends live right here in the Valley of Las Vegas. While we don’t hang out as much as we used too due to our busy lives, it is still a comfort to know they are there should I need them for any reason. Being in Texas may just cost me my relationship with them if I do not keep up with them for some reason or they decide that a long distance friendship is not for them. These women are my cornerstone and when everything seems to push me closer and closer to the brink of insanity and sadness, they pull me back and remind me of all the good things and great times we’ve spent together. They snap me back into reality and keep me grounded. Would I find friends like that in Texas? Possibly. Would they take care of me like these women do? Maybe. Would I stay friends with these amazing women? Most likely, but one never knows what could happen. Along with our potential bad relationship outcome, one of the women named me her son’s godmother as well. Moving to Texas would cost me my ability to guide him in the ways of the Lord as his mother intended me to do. Granted, I’d only be a phone call away, but there are, sometimes, so many questions a child can as a parent before they need to reach out to someone else and not being physically here to be with him and talk to him could make it more difficult to coach him towards a life of God. He could potentially hate me and in turn hate God because he feels I abandoned him. While unlikely, it is still possible and this could turn out to be another major cost of moving to Texas.

In the end, after looking over my benefits versus my costs, I would have to say once again the benefits are outweighing the costs. Why? Mainly because the costs listed above are based only off of the words, “maybe” and “could be.” They are not finite and because of this, they could potentially turn into benefits. I could still keep my relationship and be happily married to the perfect man, plus I could keep my best friends and would also be able to coach my godson towards a good spiritual path. Should that happen, I could have ALL benefits and no costs at all, however should it not be so, the benefits still outweigh the costs in the long run. At least I’d have my family to fall back on and they are the people who really mean the most in my life. They can keep me afloat even if my world should turn upside down. Plus there are other people I can be friends with and hang out with. They say there are other fish in the sea, but the fish who caught me is, in my opinion, the most amazing one of them all and who has treated me in ways no one every else thought too. It would be a catastrophe, but with every black cloud there is always a silver lining which I would have to find and most likely would find. Again, moving to Texas is the best thing I could do right now. I’ll just keep hoping and praying my costs become benefits too.

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